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Pelckmans publishers

In June we will be presenting the new group structure of Pelckmans publishers. Pelckmans publishers positions itself as an ambitious publishing company that - as an independent, strong player - aims at offering a high-quality selection to a broad readers’ market.


Pelckmans Pro

Pelckmans Pro is also launched in April. This publisher focuses on the professional and general scientific market.


Van Halewyck publishing

As of 1 January, Van Halewyck publishing is part of Pelckmans publishers. Efforts also get under way for the promotion and import of a number of important Dutch publishers.


Polis publishing

Literary fiction and non-fiction publisher Polis is established in March. 


Abimo publishing

Abimo Publishing is taken over at the beginning of January 2013. Abimo offers a quality range of additional educational publications and a comprehensive care fund. A limited children's and youth fund is also part of this publishing company. 


Logistics centre

Construction starts on a brand-new logistics centre.



Pelckmans Publishers has grown to become one of the major players on the Flemish educational publishing market and moves to Kalmthout. In addition, the first textbooks for the French-speaking market appear under the name ‘Editions Pelckmans'.


Primary education

The first educational manuals for primary schools are published.


Thom Pelckmans

Slowly but surely, Pelckmans publishers strengthens its position in secondary education. Thom Pelckmans takes over as director of the publishing company and will expand the collection of educational methods significantly in the coming years. 


Uitgeverij Pelckmans

Publishing house De Nederlandsche Boekhandel is renamed Uitgeverij Pelckmans (Pelckmans publishers). De Nederlandsche Boekhandel continues to operate as a bookshop until 1999.


Albert Pelckmans

Albert Pelckmans retires from the book profession.



The publishing activities of De Nederlandsche Boekhandel are moved to Kapellen. The sons of Albert Pelckmans, Jan and Rudi, now run the publishing company. His third son, Luc, takes over as manager of printing company Ripa, also located in Kapellen. 


World War II

After the Second World War, the literary fund is phased out and the focus shifts towards scientific and essayistic works, as well as schoolbooks. 


Albert Pelckmans

Albert Pelckmans, who previously worked as a volunteer in the bookshop, becomes director and owner at the age of twenty-three. After only a few years, he succeeds in expanding the publishing activities, which was very limited when he took over.  At first he ensures expansion of the business's own literary fund, for example through the work of Maurice Gilliams and Karel Jonckheere.


De Nederlandsche Boekhandel

De Nederlandsche Boekhandel (the Dutch Bookshop) is founded in Antwerp. Goal of the company: “It shall have the objective of engaging in the commercial trading of books and related subjects in the most general sense of the word, in particular the fostering of the North and South Dutch publications”. De Nederlandsche Boekhandel becomes a major importer of Dutch publications in Flanders.