Scenarioagility Herman Toch, Ann Maes
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Publicatiedatum: 24 jul. 2020

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It’s rock and roll out there. Covid-19 hit us like a hammer. In these unpredictable times, there is one question on everybody’s lips: where do we take it from here?

How can we navigate these erratic and stormy waters and make it successfully to shore? Is that possible? And if so, how do we go about it? Some people say that a good crisis should never be wasted. There’s wisdom in that statement: the coronavirus has reminded us that ‘context’ massively defines our lives and our positions.

Scenarioagility is all about seeing the changing context and the different scenarios it entails. It allows us to have an overview, to formulate our direction, and to use the energy of today to survive and build the business of tomorrow.

We have developed a DIY exercise (part 2) that follows after we set the scene (part 1). In the last part of this booklet (part 3) we unveil how we would like to see the world unfold and our chosen path.

Over de auteurs

Over de auteurs

Ann Maes is an internationally renowned expert in building and protecting people’s, brands’ and organisation’s reputations. She worked as a managing director and hands-on reputation strategist for famous brands as well as for some hidden gems. With passion, persuasion and curiosity. Ann firmly believes in the society-building role of companies and organisations.

Herman Toch has an unconditional love for marketing. After many years working as a global marketing manager and general manager, he specialized in purposeful business and marketing. Herman’s previous books Transformeren om te overleven (winner Best Dutch Marketing Book), Happy Profit and The Positive Sum Game are all about giving Purpose the right place in an organisation. Today he is helping people, organisations and companies combining ‘better for me + better for the world’.


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Auteur(s)Ann Maes, Herman Toch
Cover typePaperback
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Publicatiedatum24 jul. 2020
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