Heart to Heart Binu Singh
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In this book, Binu Singh aims to give a voice to children up to 6 years old and invites you to look at your own life and society from their perspective. She makes a heartfelt call for more focus on our early childhood. She does this through inspiring quotes and short texts on topics such as the inner child, secure attachment, toxic stress, healing through connection, a mother’s power, a father’s power, self-care and social support. Binu Singh brings together science and wisdom and presents it to a broad audience of adults in different roles around the young child: parents, grandparents, family and friends, educational staff, teachers, social workers, court workers and policy makers. A unique combination.

Heart to Heart invites you to feel and reflect on how we can take better care of our children and ourselves. Because this is the key to a better world.

Over de auteur

Over de auteur

Binu Singh is a child psychiatrist, psychotherapist and educator with a passion for young children and their well-being. Her area of expertise is everything related to early childhood. She is the driving force behind Kleine K, a day hospital for children up to 6 years old that is affiliated with the University Psychiatric Centre KU Leuven and UZ Leuven hospital. She is also committed to WAIMH-Flanders, a global organisation that promotes the mental well-being of young children.


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Auteur(s)Binu Singh
Cover typePaperback
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Aantal pagina's140
Geplande publicatiedatum15 jun. 2024
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