Inclusive Communication (e-book)

Hanan Challouki
ISBN 978-94-6401-991-9
Inclusive Communication (e-book) Hanan Challouki
ISBN 978-94-6401-991-9
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Publicatiedatum: 9 sep. 2022

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In an increasingly diverse society, companies and governments are constantly looking for ways to communicate efficiently and broaden their target audience. The difference between the diversity in society and the lack of it in the majority of sectors is enormous. Companies are increasingly aware of the potential of diverse target groups and want to know how to reach them effectively. However, in-house communication teams and creative agencies lack the necessary expertise to achieve this.

With this book, Hanan Challouki aims to bring about change. Inclusive communication is a strategic approach that allows brands to stay relevant in a superdiverse society, learn more about new target groups and exceed their own communication and marketing goals.

Inclusive Communication is aimed at business leaders, marketers and strategists who recognise that the world is changing. It is a book for anyone who wants to be successful, who sees the potential of a diverse society, and who wants to maximise that potential.

“This book is an excellent start to understanding what to avoid, and what inclusion and diversity actually are. It also gives you the practical tools that show you how to communicate and act inclusively with your company, both internally and externally.”

― Safia Yachou, senior communications and media professional, and former radio and TV journalist

Over de auteur

Over de auteur

Hanan Challouki is the founder of Inclusified, which focuses on inclusive strategies and campaigns. She has already worked with companies such as Google, Brussels Airport, Telenet and BNP Paribas Fortis, and in 2018 was awarded a place in the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list for her innovative strategies.


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Auteur(s)Hanan Challouki
Cover typeE-book
Aantal pagina's160
Publicatiedatum9 sep. 2022
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