User Innovation Toolbox Lieven De Marez
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Publicatiedatum: 6 mrt. 2018

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The User Innovation Toolbox is a card set to be consulted when looking for appropriate and inspiring methods or tools when doing user-centric innovation research. This is a collection of over 70 user-centric innovation research methods suited for agile innovation development environments and multidisciplinary R&D teams.

The goals of this card set are:

  • to help you design and plan an innovation trajectory that safeguards user-centricity (from the idea-generation phase until the post-launch phase);
  • to provide a (non-exhaustive) overview of scientific and inspiring user-research methods and tools;
  • to decide which methods to use, based on sample sizes, product maturity and type of knowledge;
  • to provide impetus for further reading.

This toolbox is part of the Innovation Research course of Prof. dr. Lieven De Marez, and the methodological approach of imec.livinglabs.


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Auteur(s)Lieven De Marez
Cover typePaperback
Aantal pagina's162
Publicatiedatum6 mrt. 2018
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