Women in Tech (e-book) Laurence Jacobs
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Publicatiedatum: 12 apr. 2023

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The technology industry is facing a concerning disparity, with only a quarter of its workforce being comprised of women despite making up over half of the global population. Furthermore, it's alarming that more than half of these women leave the industry before reaching the age of 35 (!). This raises questions about the root cause of this imbalance and the need for a structural solution.

This book offers valuable insights into the importance of diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Through interviews with powerful women (and men ), role models, and real-life company cases, it provides a comprehensive guide on how to promote gender equality in the sector. The book also highlights organizations and experts who are actively working towards a more diverse and inclusive tech industry. Women in Tech serves as a reference for anyone in the technology field and organizations committed to promoting diversity and inclusion.

Over de auteur

Over de auteur

Women in Tech: A Perfect Fit for a Sustainable and Inclusive Future explores the persistent challenge of attracting, advancing and retaining women in the technology industry. Despite making up more than half of the global population, women represent only a quarter of the workforce in the technology industry.

This insightful book presents five key strategies to address this disparity, including the importance of digital skills, representation and role models, cultivating inclusive company cultures, providing access to funding for female founders and inspiring the next generation in STEM fields. With interviews featuring inspirational women and men, real-life company cases and role models, this comprehensive guide provides a valuable resource for promoting gender equality in the tech sector. It also showcases organisations and experts who are actively pursuing a more diverse and inclusive tech industry.

Whether you work in the technology field or are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion, Women in Tech offers useful insights and practical tools to drive meaningful change.


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Auteur(s)Laurence Jacobs
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Publicatiedatum12 apr. 2023
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