You do You (e-book English edition)

Stephanie Duval, Nele Pieters
ISBN 978-94-6337-237-4
You do You (e-book English edition) Stephanie Duval, Nele Pieters
ISBN 978-94-6337-237-4
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Publicatiedatum: 1 jun. 2020

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A fresh new voice in inspiration for business professionals, You do You takes competitive strategy into the 21st century. Combining insights from cognitive psychology and recent sociological transformations, the writers create a compelling case for a counter-intuitive approach: turning your focus inward to become a better brand for your consumer.

In irresistibly persuasive language, Nele Pieters and Stephanie Duval build on the foundation of competitive strategy developed in recent decades, and they are the first to add an original new dimension in almost 20 years. Challenging the reader’s assumptions in a playful manner, they follow up with sound and reassuring advice that enables brands to make better choices. You do You dares companies, organisations, and professionals to look at the world from a different perspective. By letting go of the urge to please everyone and by developing a consistent identity with a razor-sharp focus, brands will become irresistible to the people who matter the most.

Over de auteurs

Over de auteurs

Serial entrepreneurs Nele Pieters and Stephanie Duval founded strategic consultancy RPPRT to help other businesses and organisations secure a competitive position in today’s market. They created the Community Brand Method as a more evolved and relevant way to determine that position in a world where consumers long to belong and look for brands that support their identity.


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Auteur(s)Nele Pieters, Stephanie Duval
Cover typeE-book
Aantal pagina's200
Publicatiedatum1 jun. 2020
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